Rope Holder comes from a passage that captured my heart when I gave myself over to The Lord's plan for my life. It gave me the desire to be in the business of what God wants to do and accomplish. Luke 5:17-20 is the story of a paralyzed man who's friends stopped at nothing to place him at the feet of Jesus. They took apart a roof and lowered him into the presence of the only one who was capable of healing his ailments. As they held onto the rope, lowering him down to Jesus they had faith, and they counted on The Lord to heal their friend. I want to be a rope holder. My greatest passion is to bring the spiritually paralyzed to the presence of Jesus and have the confidence that He is going to heal them.


Coffee makes me happy.

I was saved at 16 years old. God indisputably snatched me out of the world and brought me into His Kingdom. No Christian ploys, no program, only the saving power of Christ through those who loved Him and were faithful to show the same love to me when I did nothing to deserve it, in fact I should have repelled them with my sarcasm, sass, and eye rolls. But they were consistent in spite of my rough edges in a way only someone filled with Jesus could be. I accepted Jesus as my savior as a result of their consistent Christ-like love for me. 

Since then I have given myself to growing in The Lord. I've responded to the grace, mercy, freedom, and triumph that is offered through my Jesus. I've gotten a few things right but I've gotten a great deal more wrong. It's safe to say that my life is an example of the fact that God's love, grace, and usability doesn't depend on me.

One thing I know without a shadow of a doubt: I wouldn't trade this life. I've lived the life society characterizes as "truly living", but quite frankly, it's lunacy. Society doesn't know what it means to truly live. To live is Christ. So that's what this is, my life in Christ. My heart in paragraph form. My puny human brain trying to grasp the things of The Lord in the only way I know how: by writing it out.

Philippians 1:21//For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain