War is Anything But Boring

When I first became introduced to Christianity I had a lie planted in my head about this life being boring. I truly felt that if I chose to be a Christian I would be giving up fun and any chance of excitement. I thought my life would consist of filling a pew, finding the one, and being a do-gooder. At that time in my life I was ready for some boring; I had a lot going on and I just wanted calmness, but I wasn’t sure I’d take the risk of never having excitement again. I decided the love I felt from Christ was worth the risk… Only to discover that Christianity is the least boring journey I could have ever embarked on. Seriously. It's war.

You’re in a war:
Christianity is a war zone. A battlefield. Combat. War is anything but boring. When you’re fighting for a cause it’s terrifying, it’s thrilling, it comes with wins and it comes with losses, but it’s never boring. Even on your “days off”, you’re in war. Every day you’re in contact with souls who need to hear and see the love of Jesus. Your life is on display as representation to the King of Kings, the One True God who will some day set up His rule and reign here on earth. It’s nothing to take lightly. When you’re in war you’re not left alone. You’re equipped.

You have a trust worthy leader:
God will be your leader. Gods know ALL things; past, present, future, secret, or exposed. He knows it all, and He will never steer you into a battle that He won’t get you through. He knows the outcome of them before we go in. The battles won’t be easy, in fact they’ll be hard. They’ll come in the form of trials, tribulations and hardships. You will be called to love people you don’t think you can, do things you don’t think you’re capable of, and go into places you’re not sure you can go. But He’ll get you through it. And you’ll get on the other side of each battle and realize through it all Jesus proved Himself faithful and trustworthy once again. And the on the other side you’ll be able to point the onlookers to Jesus.

You have fellow soldiers:
Friendships in the Christian community are the best. There are pockets of people you’ll struggle with, but I’ve found for the most part your fellow soldiers are the people who are going to carry you when you’re wounded, pick you up when you’ve fallen down, and love you anyways when you’ve messed up. The only common denominator you need for this kind of love and friendship is Christ. Going through this war with others automatically links you to them. I thought Christianity was going to be boring because I’d have to leave behind sin, but I found an abundant life is embracing Christ and Christ’s people. You get to do life, heartache, laughter, and love with others. You get to be on the front lines with people as they’re made new. You get to watch people fail and you get to lift them up. You get to watch people have victory and celebrate with them. You get to have purposeful friendships, pointing each other to love and spiritual maturity.

You have a battle plan:
The battle plan is simply said and complexly carried out; Love God, love your neighbor, love your enemies. Love. Expressing and receiving love from the God of the universe who created cells and galaxies is the best. He can do all things, create anything with less than a word and He chooses to focus His attention on us. Loving your neighbor is not boring, in fact it can keep you busy if you let it. Sick neighbor? Make soup. Sad neighbor? Movie night. Overwhelmed neighbor? Help practically. Excited neighbor? Celebratory get together. There are countless ways to love your neighbors and your friends. But what about those that are harder to love? There is nothing easy or boring about loving an enemy. Loving someone you don’t agree with, or treats you with anything less than kindness can be a moment by moment decision to love them. Choosing to occupy your mind with good thoughts of them is a process that takes time, but the harder you pray for them, and the more loving you are towards them in action and in thought will make the love for them come more naturally over time. The accomplishment of genuinely loving someone you’ve previously felt you couldn’t is anything but boring. Love isn’t boring.

You have enemies:
There is an enemy of you soul who wants to sideline all your efforts for the Kingdom of God. And there is an enemy within you that has to be kept at bay by battling it with Christ and the Word of God. You WILL have setbacks. You WILL fall into sin. You WILL question everything based on your performance. And your enemies would have you believe this disqualifies you and everything you’ve done for Christ, but Christ would say that makes you more usable. It’s our weakness that show’s off God’s strength so bouncing back after a fall is sort of the goal. Our biggest weapon of war is knowing that it’s nothing you’ve done that can advance you, but everything that Christ has done. Get back up, receive the grace God freely gave, and get back into the battle. Getting back up from your failure or fall is anything but boring. Consider it a right hook to the face of the enemy. 

You have victory:
In Him you have overcome the world. In Christ we have been given every tool to overcome ourselves and our enemy. Stand behind Christ, follow His lead and the journey will be anything but boring. Not only will the journey be crazy exciting, but you’ll be on the winning side. And if you’re anything like my competitive self, winning isn’t boring. 

II Timothy 2:3-4//Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.